Expose: F.H. Pierpont

I developed a brief presentation after spending a surprising amount of time doing predominantly inconclusive research. The gist of which was:

Frank Hinman Pierpont was an American engineer who worked in Germany, then England and is responsible for 'overseeing' the production of Monotype Corporation's works in Salford from 1899-1936. He is credited with the design of the typeface Plantin, although I have my own suspicions that this too was simply 'overseen'. 
References to his personal character lead me to believe he was a rigid, argumentative fellow; but I was not alive in the 1920's and therefore have no way of being certain.

I can, however, confidently assure you that this is the whole of the reliable information on him. Should you find more, that does not rely on wikipedia as its sole reference, please feel free to correct me. 

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