Do you really think you have 10,000 friends?

The facebook phenomenon puts all of us in the awkward position of accepting or declining the virtual "friendship" of those we hardly know. But what does it actually mean to be a facebook friend? Take a look at this article from Psychology Today on the significance of virtual friendship.

Psychology Today : Facebook and Friendship


  1. I have 2 comments: the first is, have you unfriended someone as a result of this article, Jimmy Kimmel's national unfriend day, or unfriended anyone in general (exes excluded)?

    The second is a quote from Aaron Sorkin- the guy who did The Social Network. He said,"Facebook is to socializing as reality tv is to reality."

  2. Ha! re: Aaron Sorkin - Very true.
    And no. I didn't unfriend anyone as a result of this article or Jimmy Kimmel.